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Hey all! I am running a donation workshop next month at Roots and Wings in Natick. This workshop links breath and movement to create ease and effortless connection drawing on the 8 Section brocade from Qigong. I hope you can make it!

Wednesday (1-time, by donation event meets: 7/6)
6:00—7:15 pm
Register here:

Learn to fuse deep connected breath to fluid movement to build, repair and restore the body. This practice pieces together qigong and vibrant yoga to bring peace and a profound sense of calm. The body is the source of strength, the abode of contemplation, and the resting place of spirit. Journey with us on an exploration of ancient body technologies, training exercises and energetic embodiments.

This is a donation-based class, with the money going towards Roots & Wings Branching Out, to provide healing arts services to those who would otherwise not receive them. Please reserve your space.